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The source of tinnitus

This is a good video explaining the source of tinnitus. I would call this a theory, but a good one. The brain is very complex and far smarter than we are which is why I will cure myself. This video has helped me understand and appreciate what the brain is contending with. I encourage you… Read More »

Ringing all the time

I sense ringing all the time…if I pay attention to it. My ears are not ringing. My brain is receiving a signal that my auditory areas of my brain are translating as ringing or buzzing or whatever. If the auditory pathways instead went to the optical areas of my brain would I see constant flashes?… Read More »

Am I unaware I can hear?

I remember reading Daniel Goldman’s book Vital Lies, Simple Truths: The Psychology of Self-Deception. One story stuck in my mind. It was about blindness caused by stroke. Basically, what the experiments demonstrated was that some of the patients could see but they were not aware they could see. This is called cortical blindness. I started… Read More »

Happy 11th anniversary

Every morning I wake up and I listen. I hear my tinnitus. It is not a loud high frequency but it is there. In fact, as I sit listening to a podcast I can hear the same ringing. It has been about 11 years. October 2008 is when it became my daily companion. It does… Read More »

Tinnitus thoughts

What causes tinnitus?There are many theories about what causes tinnitus. I have my own and I’ve read many others. So what do I think causes tonight us. I’ve had tinnitus for about eight years now. One of my theories is tinnitus is caused by irritation of the nerves which when reaches the brain is interpreted… Read More »

Tinnitus and nerve ion channels

Over the past few years, I have been trying possible ways to alleviate and cure my tinnitus.  As I have written, I have tried supplements, meditation, posture and craniosacral therapy. I have read many reasons for the cause of tinnitus including trauma, noise exposure, medication, TMJ, deficiencies like zinc or magnesium.  There are also different… Read More »

Lower noise levels

This morning I woke up and my tinnitus was low. Hmmmm. This has happened before. What causes reduced stimulation in the brain where the tinnitus is occurring that may be contributing to the lower volume? Something is going on. No kidding? Yes no kidding.

Potassium channels

I am reading about studies addressing potassium channels. For me it is important to understand the mechanism. I am going to investigate this further with care. Never surrender. I will cure my tinnitus.

White noise makes it hard to hear

I find that at my office I have much more difficulty hearing. At times I cannot hear the person a couple feet from me. I realize that is because there is background white noise. This sound helps suppress environmental noise in the open office environment. For me it muffles many people’s voices. I have gone… Read More »

Phantom noise? I doubt it.

If my tinnitus was some made up noise due to the lack of stimulating from hearing loss, I doubt the pattern and level of ringing I hear would vary. Also, I have to give more credit to my brain. It is not stupid. What I mean is the body knows when something does not make… Read More »