Use the Force. Believe.

By | September 23, 2019

My journey with tinnitus has been a long one. I still truly believe I will cure myself. I believe that the source of the tinnitus is in my brain. Maybe, the original cause was loss of hearing or trauma, but after 10 years and much research, I am convinced that my tinnitus is a condition on its own.

I have tried many supplements. I think for some people who are deficient of certain minerals, vitamins or nutrients, some supplements may help over time.  For other supplements, I think that they may further enhance our well being.  For example, I think taurine may have many beneficial impacts.  Nonetheless, I have stopped taking supplements in pill form. I do however regularly consume turmeric and ginger spices.

So what am I doing to cure my tinnitus?  Right now I am just letting it be. My tinnitus is just there. I hear it if I pay attention to it but then I quickly forget about it. It does seem to interfere with my hearing at times, but that is just what I have to contend with…like being in a noisy room. My hearing aids do seem to help as it makes my surrounding me louder.

Even now when I pause, I can trace my tinnitus to both sides of my head adjacent to my ears.  The noise is a mixture of high frequency dulled or wrapped in a static like cloud.  If I listen closer I can tell the noise is dynamic.

I do wonder what my neurons are doing to generate this constant symphony of noise  I have seen video explanation of the brain neurons firing in the neural cortex.  In some ways, it is amazing what our bodies can do, and how it responds to trauma or loss.  My job is to help it get back to homeostasis somehow.

For me, I don’t think my tinnitus is from a lack of minerals or nutrients.  I also do not think restoring my hearing magically would eliminate my tinnitus.  This is possibly how my tinnitus started or got rolling but now it is self perpetuating.  It is like the first law of thermodynamics- a body in motion stays in motion until met by another force.  My focus is to be the force or rather use the force.  Just like Yoda said to Luke after he said ‘I can’t believe it’ …. Yoda said, ‘That is why you failed.’   Use the Force.  I will cure myself.


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