Monthly Archives: February 2016

S salivarius for tinnitus

It is Day 3 of my trial with S salivarius. I have not noticed any significant a effect. The lozenges taste okay. I have noticed changes in the sound of my tinnitus when I move my neck or when my backpack pulls on my neck area. I will keep observing. I have not had tumeric… Read More »

My next tinnitus treatment

I just ordered some probiotics that are apparently for your ears, nose and throat or oral cavity probiotics. The strain of bacteria are called s salivarius. I found this product by accident. I searched for How I cured my tinnitus. I found a message board posting. I am very careful about what people post as… Read More »

Tinnitus and nerve ion channels

Over the past few years, I have been trying possible ways to alleviate and cure my tinnitus.  As I have written, I have tried supplements, meditation, posture and craniosacral therapy. I have read many reasons for the cause of tinnitus including trauma, noise exposure, medication, TMJ, deficiencies like zinc or magnesium.  There are also different… Read More »