My next tinnitus treatment

By | February 18, 2016

I just ordered some probiotics that are apparently for your ears, nose and throat or oral cavity probiotics. The strain of bacteria are called s salivarius.

I found this product by accident. I searched for How I cured my tinnitus. I found a message board posting. I am very careful about what people post as it could be spam. In any case I researched this a little more and became overall interested in this topic.

I read postings and product reviews that seemed legitimate indicating some success in treating tinnitus. I am not sure I believe them as if it was effective I would think that there would be far more information on it.

In any case, I am pursuing this avenue and I ordered some s salivarius.

Here is an article related to the safety of oral cavity probiotics.

More to come.

I will cure myself.

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