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Taurine update

I ran out of taurine a couple weeks ago so I reordered. This time I went with the Now brand. I switched to this brand because it was cheaper per gram and I have started to take 3 g per day more regularly vs 3 g. The capsules I bought are 1 g capsules.


I cannot say whether they are better or worse than the Swanson brand. I had no issue with the Swanson vitamin brand.

My tinnitus does not seem to be changing due to the taurine yet. I have noticed some other effects which I cannot scientifically tie to the taurine including hair growth, less tired and possibly less hunger.

My focus is on the impact on the ringing in my ears and my hearing.

I have not used my mouth guard lately which I should use. I also need to return to my meditation technique which I think was important. I also am not taking the oral probiotics as I ran out. No noticeable effect from the probiotics, but only took one bottle and not regularly.

I will cure my tinnitus.


Hearing not so good lately.

It seems like my hearing is getting a little worse. I am not really sure though.

I take taurine and the oral probiotics daily. I also wear my night guard regularly. I have not meditated too much though.

I reread a study about the effectiveness of taurine on tinnitus. I increased my dose of taurine. I am not recommending this to anyone.

I have not felt any negative effects from the taurine. I have been taking 1 g per day recently. Overall, I have been taking taurine for about 16 months. I have read articles that seemed to be concerned about taurine in energy drinks. I really don’t know much about this area as I am not a big energy drink person.

The things that I have noticed unrelated to my use of taurine to try to help my tinnitus but cannot conclusively attribute to the taurine are

1. My hairline seems to be moving forward rather than receding.
2. I am not as hungry in general.
3. I seem less tired even if I get only 5 hours of sleep.
4. I am not sure if it is impacting my glucose or lipid levels. I will have a blood test in May.
5. I have read and heard taurine may affect cardiac function or issues. I have noticed some improvements in minor issues I have lately.

I have had some interesting effects from the taurine like the ones above. So interesting to me that my next project is a website on my experience with taurine which I will call

I plan on continuing my use of taurine to heal my tinnitus.

I am not recommending any of the supplements or steps I am describing in this blog. You should consider consulting your physician before taking any new supplements, medications or exercising if appropriate.

This is my journey with its ups and downs. I will never surrender. I will cure myself.