Day 1 Taurine experiment

By | May 22, 2020

Today I started to take taurine again in my journey to cure my tinnitus. I mixed one scoop or approximately 2 g of powder in a glass of cold water. It dissolves quickly and does not have any particular taste. I drank it on an empty stomach as I generally intermittent fasting.

I am taking 2 grams twice per day. I dissolved it in water but may add it to my coffee in the morning. It dissolves well.

My plan is to take 4 g per day. I rated my tinnitus level at 7 so I have a baseline. My tinnitus is not debilitating. It does interfere with my hearing.

As I had mentioned before I have taken taurine capsules before for years without any odd feeling after taking it at least as fas I remember. However, when I took it this morning I felt a little mild pressure in my head and chest. The sensation I felt in my head was an uneven feeling around my eyes. I know not the best description.

Anyways, I was only slightly concerned. I checked my pulse and oxygen level using an oximeter. It was about 59 and 99%. I did not feel nauseous or dizzy at all. The feeling subsided within about 10 minutes. Even so I am glad I broke up my dose into 2g increments. Still surprised as I have taken three grams of capsules before with no issue. I wonder if it is because I am now taking powder dissolved in water so it is absorbed faster.

I took another 2 g scoop in water this evening with no odd feeling.

Please note I am not a doctor or nutritionist. I do not recommend anyone to take supplements. You should consult a board certified medical doctor if you are considering taking taurine or any other supplements as they may affect people in different ways.

I bought it from This is the product I bought. Please note the link below is an affiliate link which will take you to where you can read more about it. However, I bought this product on my own and did not get it for free or anything like that. I am serious about curing my tinnitus.

Nutricost Taurine Powder (1KG) – 500 Servings

I will cure myself.

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