I am back

By | February 22, 2023

After 18 months of not posting, I am back. Here is a quick update.

My tinnitus is about the same.

My last post was about Lion’s Mane. I took Lion’s Mane for a short period of time. From my observations, I felt like my tinnitus noise level decreased.

However, soon after I began taking Lion’s Mane, I experienced severe pain in my gastrointestinal (GI) area. At one point, I even went to the ER, but the pain subsided and the ER wait was unbelievably long.

I ended up going to see my primary care doctor. He put me on a bland diet. I discovered that finding foods that are ideal for a bland diet is harder than eating a ketogenic diet.

Anyways, my GI symptoms gradually began to subside. I ended up staying on a bland diet for a few weeks vs the few days that was suggested.

A weird thing happened during that period. I noticed that when I ate eggs my stomach area would hurt and when I ate peanut butter my tongue would tingle. Eventually, both issues subsided.

I decided to search for Lion’s Mane and GI pain. I was surprised to find many postings by people who have had similar GI issues. Some mentioned auto-immune response as a possible reaction.

I believe I tried Lion’s Mane again, but experienced a similar reaction.

Do I think Lion’s Mane helped my tinnitus? All I can say is that I noticed a decline in the tinnitus noise level after taking Lion’s Mane for a few days. However, the GI pain I suffered is enough to convince me not to take it any longer. If you are thinking about taking Lion’s Mane or any other supplements, you should consult a medical doctor and also do thorough research. Do not rely on product reviews alone.

So, what am I currently taking that I feel may help my tinnitus? I restarted taking taurine daily. I add about 2g per day to my coffee. I am not taking it specifically to address my tinnitus, but to see how it may impact my heart health.

The bulk powder I am taking is once again Nutricost Taurine . I take other supplements as well, but mainly for general health and immune health.

I will post more often.

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