Monthly Archives: February 2015

White noise makes it hard to hear

I find that at my office I have much more difficulty hearing. At times I cannot hear the person a couple feet from me. I realize that is because there is background white noise. This sound helps suppress environmental noise in the open office environment. For me it muffles many people’s voices. I have gone… Read More »

I am onto something

I am onto something big. I am developing a technique of meditation that is I believe helping my tinnitus and overall hearing. I also take Taurine and continue with ALA and Gingko Biloba although I do not think pthe latter two are helping my tinnitus at this stage. I take ALA mainly for glucose management.… Read More »

Magnet therapy. No thanks

I have been reading about this magnet therapy. I found a recent article indicating it may not work. For me, I am not going down this path. Seems to random. I prefer to harness my own brain to stabilize itself vs jolts of magnetism to jar something loose.

Phantom noise? I doubt it.

If my tinnitus was some made up noise due to the lack of stimulating from hearing loss, I doubt the pattern and level of ringing I hear would vary. Also, I have to give more credit to my brain. It is not stupid. What I mean is the body knows when something does not make… Read More »

Tinnitus meditation

I use meditation to help understand my tinnitus and relax. I am working on a program to help people meditate. I have read articles saying that meditation does not actually help cure the tinnitus. I cannot say I believe that. The type of meditation I practice is a very deep meditation. It takes endurance and… Read More »

The nature of tinnitus

What is the nature of tinnitus? As a tinnitus guru I am building an understanding of what is the basis of the ringing. Is it a mechanical cause? Is it an electrical disturbance? Is it a manifestation from no external factor? Is it a chemical imbalance? The other question is what is the cure? Is… Read More »

Gingko biloba

I restated Gingko Biloba today. 120 mg. I restarted to see if it will affect my glucose levels. Also i used to only take 80 mg and want to see if the higher dose has an effect. I have not noticed an effect on the past on the ringing from Gingko Biloba. Overall my ringing… Read More »

Supplements are not created equal

Read about issues with some herbal supplements sold at big box and even specialty stores.

So quiet

I woke up this morning and the ringing was minimal in my left ear and almost absent in my right. As I took a shower I blocked my ears and I realized what silence sounded like. Now the ringing seems to be gradually returning. More in the left than right. Definitely two distinct sounds. Interesting.… Read More »