Monthly Archives: February 2015

White noise makes it hard to hear

I find that at my office I have much more difficulty hearing. At times I cannot hear the person a couple feet from me.

I realize that is because there is background white noise. This sound helps suppress environmental noise in the open office environment. For me it muffles many people’s voices.

I have gone back to wearing my hearing aids in the office. Disappointed.

I am onto something

I am onto something big. I am developing a technique of meditation that is I believe helping my tinnitus and overall hearing. I also take Taurine and continue with ALA and Gingko Biloba although I do not think pthe latter two are helping my tinnitus at this stage. I take ALA mainly for glucose management. Btw I do not use my hearing aids regularly now. I still have trouble hearing but it just seems different. Also, I do not want it to influence my tinnitus trial (of one).

Stay tuned. I am really excited about this. I will cure myself.

Phantom noise? I doubt it.

If my tinnitus was some made up noise due to the lack of stimulating from hearing loss, I doubt the pattern and level of ringing I hear would vary.

Also, I have to give more credit to my brain. It is not stupid. What I mean is the body knows when something does not make sense and it can retrain itself. Adapt.

Part of me actually fears not hearing this noise anymore. What does silence sound like? Will it be weird?

I hope so. I will cure myself.

Join me.

Tinnitus meditation

I use meditation to help understand my tinnitus and relax. I am working on a program to help people meditate.

I have read articles saying that meditation does not actually help cure the tinnitus. I cannot say I believe that. The type of meditation I practice is a very deep meditation. It takes endurance and focus. Focus to let come and let go. Not to get caught by a distraction. Endurance to keep going deeper.

I have decided to build a program dedicated to tinnitus meditation using my unique method. More to come.