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Taurine dosage for tinnitus

I have read studies about taurine testing in mice or rats. The dose that seemed to have an affect seems high. I believe it was about 290mg per kg.

That seems high to me based on my weight.

I am going to try 1.5 mg twice per day.

I also read though the lower levels did not have much affect.

I would suggest consulting your physician before using taurine.

This is the brand that I use. It is available on

One hearing aid

I lost one hearing aid yesterday so I wore one hearing aid all day. What I noticed was it seemed easier to hear. Less background noise. I did find my lost one thanks to my son. It was outside.

Is it working

Is it working? Sometimes I think my tinnitus is not changing. Sometimes in think it is getting better.

I take 1 g per day. I think perhaps I need to do my meditation but I have to admit my meditation technique I developed is quite tiring in that it takes a lot of self discipline.

However, I think it is a key to my getting rid of the tinnitus. I also believe the taurine is key. Just a hunch.

I will cure myself.

Taurine not helping tinnitus?

I have been taking 1 g of taurine every day. I sometimes take 2 g. I have not noticed an improvement in my tinnitus.

My hearing does not seem to be any better and sometimes I wonder if it is worse. However I also have stopped meditating deeply. I think the meditation helped manage tinnitus.

I am going to continue to take the taurine. I also will begin my meditation routine again.

I will cure myself.