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Not so good

I wish I could say my tinnitus is getting better every day. However, seems that my tinnitus is louder than usual. Well maybe not louder but it’s not going in the direction that I’d hoped.

Interestingly though I think that my hearing is slightly improved.

When I say my tinnitus seems worse what I mean is that the noise is constant and the variations in the sound seem less. Whenever the sound of my tinnitus varies and I can hear the variations I feel like it is getting better.

Just now I stopped to listen closely at my tinnitus and what I noticed is that it is varying I just have to listen closer. What I also noticed when I paid attention to my tinnitus is I felt my back and the related feeling in my lower leg.

No interpretation right now I just want to share the observations.

I will cure myself.

Getting better? Never surrender

I will cure myself.

This is my mantra. I state this not only as a fact but a direction, an attitude.

Sometimes I feel like I am improving and then I start feeling like I am not. Those moments can make me think about just giving up and drifting. I mean just putting up with it. Why bother. Some experts say there is no cure. Really?

I will cure myself is not conditional. It is not… I will cure myself as long as I constantly see improvement with no downs. It is an attitude. A choice. ‘We will never surrender’…attitude…choice…makes a big difference.

The downs are part of the ups. The downs help me understand the ups.

I will cure myself. There is a saying – ‘It is not what the vision is; it is what the vision does.’

Two sounds. Not one. Do I really ‘hear’ ringing?

I notice the noise on each side is different. I can tell.

I am trying to figure out where I am sensing this noise. Unlike regular sound which is biaural this ringing is distinctly different in each ear.

Also unlike sounds I hear from the environment which you can locate and know are from the environment, with tinnitus I can sense it existing and originating in a specific part of my brain. Literally originating from there.

When I sense the ringing, it is two distinct sounds not just distinguishable like two musical instruments played together but distinct in location like a flute to my left and a clarinet to my right.

I realize to call this a noise is probably incorrect as it is also probably incorrect to say I hear ringing. It is all sensing and it is being picked up by the part of the brain that translates stimulation into what we call sound.

I think in theory if the nerves were connected to out visual centers of our brains, tinnitus would be a visual manifestation.

Vitamins, minerals,herbs and Taurine

I have been trying different supplements for a number of years. I have tried Gingko Biloba, magnesium, CoQ10, melatonin, zinc, b12 and probably other stuff.

I also take the following but not particularly for my tinnitus. I take B100, D, Alpha Lipoic Acid R fraction, probiotics, cinnamon and magnesium chloride.

I gave up on Gingko Biloba recently. I only took Q10 for a short period as I believe it made me feel exhausted. I took melatonin a couple times. It made me relaxed for bed but I decided to not continue. Zinc did not have a noticeable effect. It did make my stool green I think.

I believe I started taking ALA for my tinnitus many years ago after reading a study in mind magazine that showed it protected mice from hearing loss. I think Q10 was also tested with favorable results. I still take ALA but not for my tinnitus. I take ALA R Factor now.

I started taking Taurine a month ago. Only 500 mg. I recently increased my intake to 2000 mg per day – 1000 mg twice per day. I think it is having a favorable effect on the ringing. I also decided to stop wearing my hearing aids this week and noticed some improvement in my hearing . Of course this could be wishful thinking. I need to continue my research.

There are a number of message boards and articles on Taurine. You should talk to your physician.

I will cure myself.

Video: How tinnitus is impacting veterans and the research

This is a video about tinnitus and how it affects our veterans, the causes, the research and how people cope.  Much of what is in this video is similar to what I believe is going on and how I manage my own tinnitus journey.  I am also a veteran and I will never give up the fight to cure my tinnitus.  I believe the brain and body are far more intelligent and capable than we know.  Thank you to all of our veterans for serving our country.

You can read more about this subject on PBS.

Neuroscience may offer hope to millions robbed of silence by tinnitus