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Not so good

I wish I could say my tinnitus is getting better every day. However, seems that my tinnitus is louder than usual. Well maybe not louder but it’s not going in the direction that I’d hoped. Interestingly though I think that my hearing is slightly improved. When I say my tinnitus seems worse what I mean… Read More »

Getting better? Never surrender

I will cure myself. This is my mantra. I state this not only as a fact but a direction, an attitude. Sometimes I feel like I am improving and then I start feeling like I am not. Those moments can make me think about just giving up and drifting. I mean just putting up with… Read More »

Vitamins, minerals,herbs and Taurine

I have been trying different supplements for a number of years. I have tried Gingko Biloba, magnesium, CoQ10, melatonin, zinc, b12 and probably other stuff. I also take the following but not particularly for my tinnitus. I take B100, D, Alpha Lipoic Acid R fraction, probiotics, cinnamon and magnesium chloride. I gave up on Gingko… Read More »

Phantom noise?

I have read theories that tinnitus is phantom noise.  The noise is theorized by some to come from the brain replacing frequencies of sound that cannot  be heard due to damage to the inner ear.  Comparisons used include people who have lost a limb and have phantom feelings or pain from the missing limbs. I… Read More »

Is this a nervous system issue?

Yesterday, the ringing was fairly noticeable.  After I my workout I noticed that the ringing seemed louder than usual.  It was not however distracting.  I focused on it a few times and as I went to bad I relaxed and focused on it as I lay down. This morning the ringing seemed to be much… Read More »

Am I hearing my nerves screaming?

I have my own theories of what is causing the ringing. When I listen to the ringing I noticed that it changes frequency and it’s not a constant noise. The more you listen to it the more it sounds like almost like electricity. What I notice when I meditate and focus on the noise sometimes… Read More »

Moment of silence. Not using hearing aids.

Today as I was running for the train carrying my backpack I noticed my ringing in my ears stopped momentarily a few times. This makes me believe that the stretching on my neck helps relieve the tinnitus sounds. I have not experienced this momentary lapses in ringing in a while. I also noticed that my… Read More »

Sudden silence

Sometimes my tinnitus just suddenly stops for a millisecond. I wonder if when it stops if I can hear anything or not whether all sound stopped or just the ringing. It is so brief I can’t tell. I bet many of you are reading this experience the same thing.


This works for me, but this may not be for you or others. Please consult your medical doctor for their opinions. One thing that I realize is that meditating on the ringing in your head can help you really learn a lot about your tinnitus. As you sit there or lie down on your bed… Read More »

Where did this ringing come from?

From my research on tinnitus, I have not found anyone that has explained definitively what causes the ringing noise. There are many possible ideas but no certainty. Now, what is the cause for it starting from the first place. Again, mixed ideas. What I have read is it can be caused by Exposure to loud… Read More »

The journey – Enjoy the silence

I have had tinnitus since 2008. I have studied it very closely. I have a front row seat…in my own Tinnitus Research. Without a doubt, I will cure myself. I have tried a number of remedies including meditation, craniosacral therapy, ginkgo biloba, coq10, b12, stretching, baroque music, thumping the back of my head with light… Read More »

Hello. Can you hear me?

Welcome to the Tinnitus States. If you have tinnitus I hear you. I have had it for over 6 years. I have learned to live with it, but I have not stopped striving to cure myself which I will.