Not so good

By | January 30, 2015

I wish I could say my tinnitus is getting better every day. However, seems that my tinnitus is louder than usual. Well maybe not louder but it’s not going in the direction that I’d hoped.

Interestingly though I think that my hearing is slightly improved.

When I say my tinnitus seems worse what I mean is that the noise is constant and the variations in the sound seem less. Whenever the sound of my tinnitus varies and I can hear the variations I feel like it is getting better.

Just now I stopped to listen closely at my tinnitus and what I noticed is that it is varying I just have to listen closer. What I also noticed when I paid attention to my tinnitus is I felt my back and the related feeling in my lower leg.

No interpretation right now I just want to share the observations.

I will cure myself.

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