Monthly Archives: March 2015

Lower noise levels

This morning I woke up and my tinnitus was low. Hmmmm. This has happened before. What causes reduced stimulation in the brain where the tinnitus is occurring that may be contributing to the lower volume? Something is going on. No kidding? Yes no kidding.

Potassium channels

I am reading about studies addressing potassium channels. For me it is important to understand the mechanism. I am going to investigate this further with care. Never surrender. I will cure my tinnitus.

Nature of tinnitus is changing

I feel like my tinnitus is changing. This morning it was barely audible in one ear. I can hear it now in both ears but it does not bother me. I do not wear my hearing aids. I find that environments with background noise are hard to hear in. White noise like in an office… Read More »

Still noisy

Still noisy. But I think my general hearing had improved. I notice if I cover my ears I hear voices better. I think it is because it reduces the background noise.