Monthly Archives: March 2016

Ups and downs

This morning the tinnitus seemed about average. However I noticed that without my hearing aids my hearing was not good.

I took my taurine as usual. 1 g.

Tinnitus seems to be getting better

I have been consistently wearing my mouth guard every night. In addition I have been taking the oral probiotics and taurine. Every couple days I drink my tumeric ginger tea.

At work yesterday I noticed the noise in my ears or brain seemed to be at a higher frequency. It did not bother me. In general, it seems that the noise is more dynamic. My intuition tells me my body is responding. It is like the nerves are trying to get back to a balanced state.

My hearing does not seem to be better. The tinnitus though is changing. I am feeling positive about this.

I will cure myself. I will never surrender.

Mouth guard and tinnitus

I have been wearing my mouth guard as I sleep for a few nights now. I notice that my jaw feels better in the morning.

I have to believe this is good for my jaw and teeth. In addition, not having the pressure may be helping my tinnitus improve.

I will keep observing.

I will cure myself.

I heard the birds singing

This morning as I walked to the train in the 50 degree weather I heard birds chirping. Now this is not unusual event for a warm day for a Chicago winter day. What is a little surprising is I heard them without my hearing aids.

I usually seem to have trouble hearing the chirping sound of birds. I have gone outside and could not hear them. After I put my hearing aids in the invisible sound is then audible to me.

On the other hand, I have noticed overall that I seem to have more difficulty understanding people. It seems to be more difficult for me. Even when I have my heating aids in I cannot understand some people. It may be due to the background noises.

I am continuing to take the oral probiotics and taurine. I also am meditating regularly.

I wore my mouth guard last night. I have really noticed lately that I have been clenching or grinding my teeth at night. When I wake up in the morning I can feel the tension in my jaw. Also, I notice that even when I am awake I have a habit of clenching my teeth. My dentist had mentioned that people do this and I did not think I did that. So this is an additional change I will try to make to address the impact this may be having. I know I should be more scientific about this and remove one factor at a time. Wearing the mouth guard is good regardless in my opinion.

I am also stretching my neck again. I used to do an exercise I learned in a stretching book. I have restarted this and will write about it.

I will cure myself.

Oral probiotics trial for tinnitus

I have been taking oral probiotics for over a week now. I am taking two lozenges per day. The lozenges taste pretty good and dissolve at a good rate. The product I am taking has approximately 2 billion viable cells of S salivarius in two lozenges according to the bottle. It also has L acidophilus.

Here is a picture I took of my bottle and the lozenges. I purchased this through Amazon for about $22.
This is the product I am trying Nature’s Plus – Adult’s Ear, Nose & Throat Lozenges 60


Today the ringing sounded different for a moment as I sat at my desk. It seemed more active or dynamic in a way and then settled back. It was not really louder. Any time the tinnitus becomes more than a constant noise i get interested. I will continue to take this probiotic and provide updates. I do not know if the probiotic had an influence on this incident.

I drank my tumeric tea tonight. I took 1 g of taurine and vitamin D this morning.

I will cure myself.