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I am back

After 18 months of not posting, I am back. Here is a quick update. My tinnitus is about the same. My last post was about Lion’s Mane. I took Lion’s Mane for a short period of time. From my observations, I felt like my tinnitus noise level decreased. However, soon after I began taking Lion’s… Read More »

Lion’s Mane experiment

After watching a program on mushrooms on Netflix that mentioned the potential benefits of Lion’s Mane mushrooms for nervous system issues including dementia, I thought maybe it would help with tinnitus. I am sorry I did not update on my taurine experiment. I did post a few updates on my Tinnituscure Instagram page. I stopped… Read More »

Day 2 Mixes well video

Ok. Onto Day 2. I uploaded a video to show that the Taurine powder mixes well with cold water. According to the label the scoop is 2g and I think that is about right based on my measurements. The challenge with my scale is the minimum weight it will recognize is 2g. I am sticking… Read More »

Turning back to taurine

I have started to take taurine again. The reason I restarted taking taurine is I have recently been experiencing an elevated heart rate at times. I am not advocating taurine for cardiac issues, but I am choosing to see if this will benefit me based on my own research of taurine studies and articles. As… Read More »

Tinnitus still around but not paying attention to it

From August 5,  2017. Has my tinnitus changed?  I am not really sure.  I have continued to not really pay much attention to it. I continue to take the same supplements and also am continuing on my low carb way of eating with a little more flexibility.  I have reduced my weight by about 10+ lbs on… Read More »

A new phase in my life – the journey evolves

Since my last post, I have noticed something very different about my relationship with tinnitus.  I am almost ignoring it now.  I still hear it but I have not been trying to focus on it.  I do not mean I don’t notice when it changes, but it is just there. However, I have noticed it… Read More »

Tinnitus and nerve ion channels

Over the past few years, I have been trying possible ways to alleviate and cure my tinnitus.  As I have written, I have tried supplements, meditation, posture and craniosacral therapy. I have read many reasons for the cause of tinnitus including trauma, noise exposure, medication, TMJ, deficiencies like zinc or magnesium.  There are also different… Read More »

The nature of tinnitus

What is the nature of tinnitus? As a tinnitus guru I am building an understanding of what is the basis of the ringing. Is it a mechanical cause? Is it an electrical disturbance? Is it a manifestation from no external factor? Is it a chemical imbalance? The other question is what is the cure? Is… Read More »

Moment of silence. Not using hearing aids.

Today as I was running for the train carrying my backpack I noticed my ringing in my ears stopped momentarily a few times. This makes me believe that the stretching on my neck helps relieve the tinnitus sounds. I have not experienced this momentary lapses in ringing in a while. I also noticed that my… Read More »

Sudden silence

Sometimes my tinnitus just suddenly stops for a millisecond. I wonder if when it stops if I can hear anything or not whether all sound stopped or just the ringing. It is so brief I can’t tell. I bet many of you are reading this experience the same thing.

Where did this ringing come from?

From my research on tinnitus, I have not found anyone that has explained definitively what causes the ringing noise. There are many possible ideas but no certainty. Now, what is the cause for it starting from the first place. Again, mixed ideas. What I have read is it can be caused by Exposure to loud… Read More »

The journey – Enjoy the silence

I have had tinnitus since 2008. I have studied it very closely. I have a front row seat…in my own Tinnitus Research. Without a doubt, I will cure myself. I have tried a number of remedies including meditation, craniosacral therapy, ginkgo biloba, coq10, b12, stretching, baroque music, thumping the back of my head with light… Read More »

Hello. Can you hear me?

Welcome to the Tinnitus States. If you have tinnitus I hear you. I have had it for over 6 years. I have learned to live with it, but I have not stopped striving to cure myself which I will.