Tinnitus still around but not paying attention to it

By | August 5, 2017

From August 5,  2017. Has my tinnitus changed?  I am not really sure.  I have continued to not really pay much attention to it.

I continue to take the same supplements and also am continuing on my low carb way of eating with a little more flexibility.  I have reduced my weight by about 10+ lbs on average and reduced the visible fat in the midsection belly and waist area.  Again, I am not eating differently to try to impact my tinnitus, but I want to include this as who knows the affect it is having on my tinnitus in the long run.

Another big change is I recently got new hearing aids.  I now am using Oticon Opn hearing aids.  I have to say that I can hear more now.  I am still trying to get used to them as sometimes it seems like I hear everything.  The background noise can get very annoying.  As I sit here typing, I can hear my tinnitus in the background.  I have only had these Oticon Opn hearing aids for about 1.5 weeks now so I am still assessing them.

There are some theories hat seem to indicate the tinnitus ringing is due to a lack of hearing certain frequencies and then the adjacent sections of the brain start compensating for the lack of stimulation or something like that.  I am probably not doing the theory justice so I apologize.  I am thinking that perhaps that my enhanced ability to hear things more clearly with my new hearing aids will help reduce my tinnitus by reducing the missing frequencies.

I also think that being able to hear more clearly reduces the stress on my brain and body.  I think that not being able to hear clearly makes my brain work harder to try to comprehend speech.  Maybe this reduced stress can be used by my body to help heal itself.  Maybe.

Well, not much else to update.  I am continuing with my supplements.  I have reduced my focus on my tinnitus.  I know it interferes with my hearing as I have to hear over it.



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