Lion’s Mane experiment

By | August 20, 2021

After watching a program on mushrooms on Netflix that mentioned the potential benefits of Lion’s Mane mushrooms for nervous system issues including dementia, I thought maybe it would help with tinnitus.

I am sorry I did not update on my taurine experiment. I did post a few updates on my Tinnituscure Instagram page. I stopped taking taurine after many months. I did not notice any significant benefit to my tinnitus and I was taking up to 8 g per day. I did not notice any adverse side effects either.

So, I ordered some powdered organic FreshCap Lion’s Mane through Amazon. (Please note this link and others in this article include affiliate links. However, this is the product I ordered from Amazon.)

Lion’s Mane
Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

Today is day 1 of my experiment. I am going to take 1 g per day.

FreshCap Lion’s Mane comes with a convenient scoop. 😃

Currently my tinnitus is in both ears. It seems slightly stronger on the left side with a slight underlying pulsing. Very subtle. It is high pitched but mixed with static so it is not piercing.

Ok. I am going to take my first dose. I will update on my progress.

I will cure myself.

Remember seek medical professionals guidance before using supplements as every person has their own story and react differently. I am not a doctor.

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