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Josef Rauschecker TED presentation on Tinnitus

I highly recommend watching this Ted Presentation by Dr. Josef Rauschecker about tinnitus.  In the video, he discusses the mechanism that causes the ringing those who experience tinnitus hear in our brains. He discusses the relationship to blind spots and other examples that our bodies are able to compensate for and how this relates to the mechanism behind tinnitus.  For me, it is another clue in my journey to cure myself.  Dr. Rauschecker’s explanations are clear and well explained.  He also gives us hope that a cure is within reach.  Another point he makes is the relationship between stress and our ability of our bodies to block out the phantom noises.

Personally, it is giving me more perspectives on my own journey. I hope that you watch this video and I would like to thank Dr. Rauschecker, his colleagues and all those who are bringing us a cure.

I will cure myself.


Ringing pretty consistent today

I woke up this morning and the ringing in my ears was very noticeable and also consistent.  It has stayed like that all day.  This is in contrast to other days when I have awoken to a fairly quiet sound.

I took my 4 g of taurine today.  I actually take 3 g in the morning along with my vitamin D-3.  In the evening, I take one more gram of taurine, ALA (alpha lipoic acid), lecithin, fish oil and magnesium.  I have not purchased any more ALCAR (acetyl L-carnitine).

Although the ringing was present and noticeable, it did not bother me.  I have to say the biggest annoyance of tinnitus is it interferes with my ability to hear.  I also would like to experience complete silence.



Tinnitus regiment continues

It is March 19, 2017. I ran out of taurine but I decided to order more and I’m going to continue my taurine. I purchased some more taurine from Amazon and it was very quickly delivered and I have decided to increase my intake to 4 g per day versus the 3 g I have been taking.  This is a picture and link to the Taurine I purchased.

I also have run out of acetyl L carnitine also known as ALCAR. I will not continue to take this product. I’m also almost out of alpha lipoic acid ALA. I am not sure what I will do when I run out.

I have re-started taking magnesium however I’m only taking one tablet per day. As you may recall I stopped taking magnesium because I thought it may be causing my stomach pain. If the pain starts again I’m going to stop taking magnesium or try a different form of magnesium. I also take Vitamin D-3, but not specifically for my tinnitus.

Another supplement I’m considering is potassium, but I think I may be getting enough potassium from my diet. I could argue I’m getting enough of all of these supplements from my diet. So I am not sure what the benefit of taking the supplements really is unless high doses are needed.

So for now my plan is to continue to take taurine but at 4 g a day, continue to take lecithin which I believe is a form of choline, continue the tumeric with pepper, continue the fish oil for EFA’s, and continue the vitamin D. I’m not sure whether I will continue the ALA after I have run out of my current supply. I also may consider buying a separate vitamin B supplement and also taking potassium.

Here are the supplements I take which are available from Swanson Vitamins and (images link to The fish oil supplement I take is purchased locally but next time I will probably buy it from Swanson Vitamins or However, you should check with you health care physician about supplements.

My focus with this supplement regimen is to try to help my nerve system’s ion channels be as healthy as possible. I wonder if the ringing is caused by some sort of disruption of the ion channels in my neurons which is causing the constant noise that I hear.

I can tell you that I will not stop trying to understand the cause of my tinnitus. I will cure myself. The brain is an incredible organ.

Tinnitus supplement trial update

I have been taking a set of supplements since about January 23. I would like to update you on my progress

Today is March 12. I’ve been taking the supplements for almost 2 months. First of all let me say that I think one of the keys to staying on any regimen whether it’s taking supplements or working out or other thing that you want to repeat daily or weekly it is helpful to keep a table. Just design a simple checklist table to tick off what you took that day. It will help to keep you on track and also remember what you did or did not do.

By using a table you can keep track of when you miss taking something and how long you been taking something. You might think that you may remember if you don’t keep a table but you won’t remember and it’s better to keep the table because you start seeing your own progress and it helps you stay on track.

So now let’s talk about how the supplement regimen that I am following is going. After a couple weeks on this regimen my stomach started to hurt in one spot like an aching pain. My hypothesis was that it was related to the magnesium or/and the multivitamin that I was taking.

The reason I thought it would be the magnesium is I have read magnesium can cause stomach issues. Also I was having very loose stool. The reason I thought it could be the multivitamin is my gel tab multivitamins were not as fresh so I may reorder new ones. I have taken these before with no issue. I was taking the multivitamin primarily as my source of B vitamins.

Anyways I also thought it could be my diet which for the past few weeks has been quite heavy on cashews and peanuts.

After stopping the magnesium pills and the multivitamin I noticed that my stomach stopped hurting. I cannot conclude that my stomach pain was due to a multivitamin and/or the magnesium all I can say is that my stomach stopped hurting

I may try to bring the magnesium and multivitamin back into my regimen one by one and see if I have any similar stomach issue

So for the past month and a half I’ve been taking about 3 g of Taurine per day. Originally started off at 4 g but decided to reduce it to 3 g. I also am taking alpha lipoic acid ALA, acetyl l-carnitine ALCAR, tumeric with pepper, soy lecithin, fish oil as my source of EFA’s and vitamin D.

Here are the supplements I take or have taken (magnesium, multivitamin) which are available from Swanson Vitamins and (images link to The fish oil supplement I take is purchased locally but next time I will probably buy it from Swanson Vitamins or However, you should check with you health care physician about supplements. Also the multivitamin I was taking is not shown.

During this process I’ve also been listening to some sound therapy that I found on the Internet which I’m going to run out later posting but I did not do this regularly enough to include this in my assessment. However, I do think the sound therapy was having some impact which I need to continue to examine.

So, after this period of time I can say that I think this regimen that I’m on has helped with my tinnitus. I still have tinnitus, but I think the nature of it is changing. The intent of the items that I selected to take except for the vitamin D which I was taking for other reasons was to impact my nerve health. There have been times during this process that the ringing in my right ear was almost absent in the ringing in my left ear was very soft.

I think another factor that may help and that I need to add to this regimen, is to use my mouthguard at night to keep myself from clenching my jaw while I’m sleeping. My dentist had mentioned that I actually may be clenching my jaw during the day which I then realized I was.

Side effects: I mentioned earlier my stomach began to have a doll ache and one part of it. This doll ache resolved itself after I stopped taking the magnesium and that the multivitamin. I cannot say however that the multivitamin or the magnesium caused my stomach ache but I was also having very loose stool. I do think that if any of the items that I am taking the magnesium was probably the cause of my stomach issues.

Other than my stomach pain, I had not noticed any negative side effects. I have read that touring can I have quite an impact on people and lower doses, but I have to say that even at 4 g per day I did not notice any negative side effects.

I do not recommend this regimen to anyone. If you start on a regimen you should consult your health care physician.

As I continue this regimen I plan on adding more disciplined approach using the sound therapy, using my mouthguard, and meditating which will be a separate topic.

What I am trying to do is to help my nervous system get back to a state of homeostasis if that is the correct term. I have read articles that basically say that tinnitus may be caused by the loss of hearing that then causes the brain nerves the start firing to make up for the lack of stimulation. Once this mechanism starts, it perpetuates itself. I’m not sure I fully agree with this model, but I think there is some semblance of logic to it.

My goal is to help my nervous system get back to a stable state. I do not think though that this regimen has helped improve my hearing.

I will cure my tinnitus.