Josef Rauschecker TED presentation on Tinnitus

By | March 28, 2017

I highly recommend watching this Ted Presentation by Dr. Josef Rauschecker about tinnitus.  In the video, he discusses the mechanism that causes the ringing those who experience tinnitus hear in our brains. He discusses the relationship to blind spots and other examples that our bodies are able to compensate for and how this relates to the mechanism behind tinnitus.  For me, it is another clue in my journey to cure myself.  Dr. Rauschecker’s explanations are clear and well explained.  He also gives us hope that a cure is within reach.  Another point he makes is the relationship between stress and our ability of our bodies to block out the phantom noises.

Personally, it is giving me more perspectives on my own journey. I hope that you watch this video and I would like to thank Dr. Rauschecker, his colleagues and all those who are bringing us a cure.

I will cure myself.


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