I heard the birds singing

By | March 7, 2016

This morning as I walked to the train in the 50 degree weather I heard birds chirping. Now this is not unusual event for a warm day for a Chicago winter day. What is a little surprising is I heard them without my hearing aids.

I usually seem to have trouble hearing the chirping sound of birds. I have gone outside and could not hear them. After I put my hearing aids in the invisible sound is then audible to me.

On the other hand, I have noticed overall that I seem to have more difficulty understanding people. It seems to be more difficult for me. Even when I have my heating aids in I cannot understand some people. It may be due to the background noises.

I am continuing to take the oral probiotics and taurine. I also am meditating regularly.

I wore my mouth guard last night. I have really noticed lately that I have been clenching or grinding my teeth at night. When I wake up in the morning I can feel the tension in my jaw. Also, I notice that even when I am awake I have a habit of clenching my teeth. My dentist had mentioned that people do this and I did not think I did that. So this is an additional change I will try to make to address the impact this may be having. I know I should be more scientific about this and remove one factor at a time. Wearing the mouth guard is good regardless in my opinion.

I am also stretching my neck again. I used to do an exercise I learned in a stretching book. I have restarted this and will write about it.

I will cure myself.

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