By | January 21, 2015

This works for me, but this may not be for you or others. Please consult your medical doctor for their opinions.

One thing that I realize is that meditating on the ringing in your head can help you really learn a lot about your tinnitus. As you sit there or lie down on your bed focus on the ringing. Explore the noise. Block out any other sounds or distractions and go deeper into the noise.

As you focus more and more on the ringing you will notice that the ringing is not just a simple constant noise but that it undulates and changes. Trying to focus even more on the Noise blocking out all other distractions. I think you’ll find yourself being pulled into understanding the ringing sounds.

I have found that doing this sometimes makes me fall asleep other times it keeps me awake. So you could try this first during the day in your home sitting on the couch and see what the experience is like. If your tinnitus is very distracting to you perhaps you will want to discuss this with your doctor before trying any meditation such as this.

On my own personal journey I use meditation to try and understand the tinnitus and perhaps get my brain to control it.

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