Is this a nervous system issue?

By | January 24, 2015

Yesterday, the ringing was fairly noticeable.  After I my workout I noticed that the ringing seemed louder than usual.  It was not however distracting.  I focused on it a few times and as I went to bad I relaxed and focused on it as I lay down.

This morning the ringing seemed to be much less and mainly on one side.  I drew my focus to my brain.  As I did I felt a kind of tingling or pressure.  I think when you focus on something, you notice more about it or perhaps more blood moves to that region…I do not know.

Importantly, as I focused on my brain and the ringing, I felt sensations in my lower back around L4 L5.  I also felt a sensation in my lower leg calf area.  This is consistent with my sciatica.

This ties in with my theory that the sound I hear may be related to my disc issue and that the sound is irritation of the nervous system.

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