Vitamins, minerals,herbs and Taurine

By | January 24, 2015

I have been trying different supplements for a number of years. I have tried Gingko Biloba, magnesium, CoQ10, melatonin, zinc, b12 and probably other stuff.

I also take the following but not particularly for my tinnitus. I take B100, D, Alpha Lipoic Acid R fraction, probiotics, cinnamon and magnesium chloride.

I gave up on Gingko Biloba recently. I only took Q10 for a short period as I believe it made me feel exhausted. I took melatonin a couple times. It made me relaxed for bed but I decided to not continue. Zinc did not have a noticeable effect. It did make my stool green I think.

I believe I started taking ALA for my tinnitus many years ago after reading a study in mind magazine that showed it protected mice from hearing loss. I think Q10 was also tested with favorable results. I still take ALA but not for my tinnitus. I take ALA R Factor now.

I started taking Taurine a month ago. Only 500 mg. I recently increased my intake to 2000 mg per day – 1000 mg twice per day. I think it is having a favorable effect on the ringing. I also decided to stop wearing my hearing aids this week and noticed some improvement in my hearing . Of course this could be wishful thinking. I need to continue my research.

There are a number of message boards and articles on Taurine. You should talk to your physician.

I will cure myself.

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