Taurine update

By | April 25, 2016

I ran out of taurine a couple weeks ago so I reordered. This time I went with the Now brand. I switched to this brand because it was cheaper per gram and I have started to take 3 g per day more regularly vs 3 g. The capsules I bought are 1 g capsules.


I cannot say whether they are better or worse than the Swanson brand. I had no issue with the Swanson vitamin brand.

My tinnitus does not seem to be changing due to the taurine yet. I have noticed some other effects which I cannot scientifically tie to the taurine including hair growth, less tired and possibly less hunger.

My focus is on the impact on the ringing in my ears and my hearing.

I have not used my mouth guard lately which I should use. I also need to return to my meditation technique which I think was important. I also am not taking the oral probiotics as I ran out. No noticeable effect from the probiotics, but only took one bottle and not regularly.

I will cure my tinnitus.


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