My next experiment begins with oral probiotics

By | February 22, 2016

I just received my order of ear, nose and throat lozenges with K12 probiotics.  It has L. acidophilus, S. Salivarius K12 and zinc.  I have dissolved two lozenges as directed.  They taste good.  Some reviews said they were powdery but they are fine with me.  S Salivarius stands for Streptococcus Salivarius.

According to the description on the box, the lozenges help promote the microbial ecology in my nose, throat and ears.  I will let update on their effectiveness on my tinnitus.  Maybe it will also help with other things as well.  I am optimistic as always.  However, as with anything involving your health, you may want to contact your medical doctor before starting a treatment method.  Also, you can conduct your own research online to learn the diverse information on this.

I ordered through  I paid about $22 for 60 lozenges.  I think that is a little expensive, but not too unreasonable.

Here is the product I purchased from

Nature’s Plus – Adult’s Ear, Nose & Throat Lozenges 60

I am still taking 1 gram of taurine per day, vitamin D, and a GI probiotic.

This the brand and type of taurine I have been taking for about 1 year. It is available on using this affiliate link.

I will find a cure.



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