Night guard alleviating the pain

By | October 3, 2019

I have now been wearing my night guard or mouth guard for a couple weeks now.  I have noticed a dramatic improvement in how my capped molar and pre-molar feel. (To catch you up, I have been having tremendous sensitivity and pain when biting down on my right lower capped molar and premolar.) During some nights, I pull out the night guard even though it is not uncomfortable. However, I think this is better than not wearing it at all.

In terms of my tinnitus, some mornings I get up and it seems like my tinnitus is more noticeable. It is hard to say though as it may be because I am listening for it.

I do think the night guards are keeping me from grinding and from how much better my teeth feel it is much better for my jaw. However, I think I am still clenching my jaw.  I am hoping with time, this will stop as well.

Wearing my night guard is definitely worth it.  It not only protecting my teeth, but it is helping me to minimize adding anything that may aggravate directly or indirectly the tinnitus.

I would recommend a custom mouth guard made by your dentist.  Mine was a few hundred dollars with insurance covering a portion.

I will cure myself.



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