Do you hear what I hear?

By | December 22, 2015

I notice that sometimes I can hear the beep of the microwave clearly and at other times it is muffled.    I find this very interesting.

What is causing me to be able to be able to hear high frequency sounds better or worse?

What makes my tinnitus more pronounced and at other times less?

I am still taking Taurine.  I usually only take 1g in the morning. Sometimes, I take another 1 g in the evening.

I also take cinnamon, vitamin D and ALA, but not specifically for my tinnitus.  I have read that ALA was used in lab experiments with mice and it had some effect in protecting them from hearing loss.

I am also meditating.  I am developing my own way.   I used to focus on the ringing itself which I found interesting and very helpful at times.  Occasionally I try this but I do not think this will be the method that will ultimately cure my tinnitus.

My developing method, I think, will be key to  my “curing” of my tinnitus.

I will “cure” myself.

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