Tinnitus update

By | May 8, 2017

I am continuing to take supplements, however, as I run out I am not replenishing all of them. I recently ran out of Lecithin so here is what I continue to take:

Taurine 3-4 g per day
Tumeric with black pepper
Fish oil. Omega 3
Vitamin D

I have stopped taking Lecithin. Ran out two days ago
Acetyl L Carnitine
Multivitamin for vitamin B. I stopped this because my GI system began to hurt so I stopped taking the multivitamin which were a little old and the magnesium which I since continued.

Observation – I was out of town for about 3 days and did not take anything except my probiotic. When I got home and took a nap, when I awoke the ringing seemed louder.

I cannot assess if these supplements are helping my tinnitus. I took most of them for a good period of time of about 60 days. I am thinking they may be helping me in other ways.

Right now, I think that supplements will not cure my tinnitus. I think they may be helping, but I think the mechanism causing my tinnitus is not related to the direct mechanism these supplements are acting along.

I watched the Ted video,I discussed in an earlier post. I then watched a couple programs about brain plasticity. I think this is the path I need to focus on.

I am not planning to stop taking my supplements as many reportedly have other benefits and may be helping reduce the magnitude of the ringing I hear. However, I will focus on exercises to reprogram my brain.

I will cure myself.


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