Supplements – I may try vincopetine for my tinnitus

By | June 7, 2017

I have not posted in about a month.  In the past month, I ran out of taurine and so I went for about a week or so without taking taurine.  I did not notice much change in the ringing.  I also have run out of lecithin.

I decided to reorder more taurine and this time I went back to the Swanson Vitamin brand.  I have taken this brand before so I decided to take it again with the higher dose of about 3 grams per day.

I also continue to take turmeric with black pepper and I have decided to continue with the magnesium.  I reordered both.

I have read about another supplement called Vinpocetine.  I heard that it helps with blood flow and may help tinnitus.  I am not sure I want to start taking this supplement as the reviews I have read have been mixed.  Some people seem to say that it helped them feel better in general but had side effects like headaches or dizziness.  Also, the mechanism by which vinpocetine works is unclear.  If I decide to try this out, I am going to start with 5 mg.  I order this from Swanson Vitamins so returning it should not be a problem.

Last week, one afternoon I noticed the ringing changed for a moment.  There was an added frequency and pattern.   Makes me wonder if something is going on.

So right now, my supplements that I am taking are as follows:

  • 3 g taurine
  • 400 mg  chelated magnesium – I increased this from 133 mg to 400 mg
  • 600 mg turmeric with black pepper
  • 4000 iu vitamin D – I used to take 2000 mg but decided to increase it.  I may go back to 2000 iu with the summer approaching
  • 1200 mg fish oil
  • Probiotic

You should consult your medical doctor if you are thinking about taking any supplements.  Do your research to understand how they may interact with other medications and your condition.

Some of the items I am taking for other reasons like the probiotic but I am listing it here because you never know how it may help.  The gut is an amazing thing!

I also started to follow the Slow Carb Diet (SCA) written and spoken about by Tim Ferriss.  For me, it has meant not eating any bread, pasta, white flour or flour in general, drinking only water and not sugary drinks, not eating fruit and eating a lot more protein and veggies.  I am not doing this for my tinnitus, but again you never know the unintended benefits.  I have been on this method for about 10 days. More to come on this.

I will cure myself!  Thanks for reading.

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