Ringing all the time

By | November 11, 2019

I sense ringing all the time…if I pay attention to it.

My ears are not ringing. My brain is receiving a signal that my auditory areas of my brain are translating as ringing or buzzing or whatever.

If the auditory pathways instead went to the optical areas of my brain would I see constant flashes?

What about my olfactory center? Would I smell odors?

I have heard theories that the lack of noise sensation causes the brain to make up noises. This does not fully make sense to me.

In people who lose their sight or parts of their visual range, does the brain send phantom and constant light signals causing visually impaired people to see strobe like light sensations? I am thinking no but I could be wrong.

I am getting closer to understanding. I will ‘help my body‘ cure myself.

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