Tinnitus thoughts

By | August 26, 2016

What causes tinnitus?There are many theories about what causes tinnitus. I have my own and I’ve read many others. So what do I think causes tonight us. I’ve had tinnitus for about eight years now.

One of my theories is tinnitus is caused by irritation of the nerves which when reaches the brain is interpreted as noise. The reason I have this theory is that when I meditate on the noise and focus on the noise in my head I noticed that my back starts to tingle or become irritated. I have a herniated disc at L for L5 and when I meditate I can feel that area of my back start to tingle.
I have described this as my nerves screaming. I have not read anywhere of this theory it is my theory but I’ve come up with.

In any case, I think the best method I have to cure myself of this ringing is to rely on the neural plasticity of my brain. In order to assist myself or rather my brain in rewiring itself I need to really focus on meditating and helping to coach my brain to create better neural linkages.

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