My tinnitus update

By | August 15, 2016

I continue to take taurine.  I have reduced my dosage to one 1000 mg capsule per day.  I did not notice any effect from increasing my dosage to 2 -3 grams per day.

I saw my audiologist and she adjusted my hearing aids to reduce their sensitivity to background noise.  In the presence of white noise/background noise masker in my office, my hearing aids were reducing their sensitivity.  This made it very hard to hear. I still am having problems.  Seems like now I am the background noise makes it harder to understand people.

With my hearing aids, I do not notice my tinnitus as much but this seems to be because I am paying attention to the other sounds I am hearing.  In reality though, I do not think the tinnitus is reducing in intensity as if I pay attention to the tinnitus, it sounds the same.

I think the best path for me is to go back to my regular meditation that I developed for my tinnitus and to wear my mouth guard.

My tinnitus used to be more dynamic.  It changed in the way it sounded.  Now it seems that is just is one steady noise.  On occasion it takes on a different pattern, but this is becoming less and less.

I will cure myself.

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