I am back

After 18 months of not posting, I am back. Here is a quick update. My tinnitus is about the same. My last post was about Lion’s Mane. I took Lion’s Mane for a short period of time. From my observations, I felt like my tinnitus noise level decreased. However, soon after I began taking Lion’s… Read More »

Lion’s Mane experiment

After watching a program on mushrooms on Netflix that mentioned the potential benefits of Lion’s Mane mushrooms for nervous system issues including dementia, I thought maybe it would help with tinnitus. I am sorry I did not update on my taurine experiment. I did post a few updates on my Tinnituscure Instagram page. I stopped… Read More »

Day 2 Mixes well video

Ok. Onto Day 2. I uploaded a video to show that the Taurine powder mixes well with cold water. According to the label the scoop is 2g and I think that is about right based on my measurements. The challenge with my scale is the minimum weight it will recognize is 2g. I am sticking… Read More »

Is there a cure for tinnitus?

Is there a cure for tinnitus? If there is one I will cure myself. What is a cure? TheFreeDictionary.com has one defintion that reads ” Something that corrects or relieves a harmful or disturbing situation.” Using this definition, there seems to be a wide range of possible cures for tinnitus. I think the cures that “correct” are far more elusive than the cures that… Read More »

The source of tinnitus

This is a good video explaining the source of tinnitus. I would call this a theory, but a good one. The brain is very complex and far smarter than we are which is why I will cure myself. This video has helped me understand and appreciate what the brain is contending with. I encourage you… Read More »

What is tinnitus?

What is tinnitus? Here is my personal definition as I am sure you can find more technical explanations on other sites. Tinnitus is a constant noise that I sense in my head that sounds like a cross between ringing and static. If I had to label it, I would call it a fuzzy ringing. On… Read More »

Oticon Opn hearing aids

I have Oticon Opn behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids. They are pretty good. What I like about them specifically are Custom molded ear canal inserts. At first I thought I would dislike molded inserts but I really like them. I think they help improve performance. They also help better secure the hearing aids so… Read More »

Ringing all the time

I sense ringing all the time…if I pay attention to it. My ears are not ringing. My brain is receiving a signal that my auditory areas of my brain are translating as ringing or buzzing or whatever. If the auditory pathways instead went to the optical areas of my brain would I see constant flashes?… Read More »

Am I unaware I can hear?

I remember reading Daniel Goldman’s book Vital Lies, Simple Truths: The Psychology of Self-Deception. One story stuck in my mind. It was about blindness caused by stroke. Basically, what the experiments demonstrated was that some of the patients could see but they were not aware they could see. This is called cortical blindness. I started… Read More »

Turning back to taurine

I have started to take taurine again. The reason I restarted taking taurine is I have recently been experiencing an elevated heart rate at times. I am not advocating taurine for cardiac issues, but I am choosing to see if this will benefit me based on my own research of taurine studies and articles. As… Read More »

Happy 11th anniversary

Every morning I wake up and I listen. I hear my tinnitus. It is not a loud high frequency but it is there. In fact, as I sit listening to a podcast I can hear the same ringing. It has been about 11 years. October 2008 is when it became my daily companion. It does… Read More »

No more supplements but the journey continues forward

After years of using supplements, I basically have stopped taking supplements in my journey to cure my tinnitus.  I stopped taking supplements a few months ago or so.  However, once in awhile I do take taurine, but not regularly.  I also do continue to take a lactose digestive supplement but I don’t think this impacts… Read More »