Meditating and curing my tinnitus

By | November 24, 2019

I have discussed my belief around meditation and curing my tinnitus. Over the years I have developed my own technique which is different than most others. I am not focused on relaxing to pay less attention to the ringing. On the contrary, my meditation focuses and attends to the ringing.
When I meditate I have to release layers of tension to dig closer and closer onto my meditation. I find that this is not easy and at the same time it is. It takes letting go of layers. I realize how many of layers of tension we hold in our bodies as I meditate and reach inwardly towards the source of the ringing.
As I meditate, I ‘see’ the ringing and as I get closer it changes shape or maybe really sound. It becomes clearer what it is made up of. The chatter of my mind also declines as it does in other meditative practices.
My tinnitus meditation is not easy. I feel myself wanting to stop and even changes physiologically like I feel a very slight increase in saliva buildup, sometimes I can feel sensations in my lower back and other changes. It is hard to explain right now, but sustaining my meditation is challenging. I am exploring this further in my journey of curing my tinnitus. I will cure myself of my tinnitus.

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