Tinnitus treatment regiment

By | January 18, 2017

I have started a consistent supplement regime focused mainly around my nervous system health. I have ordered additional supplements which have not arrived yet. This is what I have begun to take daily consistently

  • Taurine 4 g.  3 g am. 1 g evening
  • Acetyl L carnitine. 500 mg evening
  • Multivitamin mainly for B vitamins
  • EFAs from fish oil

Ordered and will begin

  • Alpha lipoic acid ALA
  • Tumeric with black pepper
  • Magnesium

I also take vitamin D and a probiotic for other reasons.

I also have begun to reduce my sugar and carbohydrate intake for overall health reasons.

My plan is to take this regime for 60 days.

I will cure myself.


Here are the supplements I ordered or have been taking which are available from Swanson Vitamins and Amazon.com (images link to Amazon.com). The fish oil supplement I take is purchased locally but next time I will probably buy it from Swanson Vitamins or Amazon.com. However, you should check with you health care physician about supplements.


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