Update on tinnitus

By | May 4, 2015

It has been awhile since I updated on my progress. I continue to take taurine and astralagus. I have been focused on other things so I have not been consistently meditating on the tinnitus.

I have started to wear my hearing aids at work as I have problems with the white noise. I seem to be more sensitive to loud noises like fire trucks and the elevated train. I tend to cover my ears. I can hear the train from quite a distance to an uncomfortable level.

At home my hearing seems to be poorer than before. I am not really sure though. This is my observation.

The tinnitus does not seem to be louder though. It on occasion may pause on one ear or get lower. Again telling me there is some mechanism going on.

I will get back to attending to this. I will cure myself.

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