I heard the microwave!

By | November 16, 2015

This morning I put my water in the microwave for 55 seconds and I was across the room when I heard the microwave beep sound. I was surprised.

This morning I did notice that the ringing noise seemed a little lower.

So what have I been doing differently? Well as I mentioned I started to take a homeopathic supplement about twice per day. I also have been taking ALA again. I actually feel like my hearing is getting worse but I am not sure. I am finding that when I wear my hearing aids with a lot of background noise or echoing I cannot hear people speaking very well.

What else? I started to research the Alexander Technique and practice it yesterday. I actually came upon this by accident. I was looking up books on ebay related to Kung Fu and came upon a book on acting. When I researched the book I read about the Alexander Technique. I searched on it and started to read more about it and watch videos on it. Very interesting yet simple. It relates to how you use your bony and changing habits that are stressing your body.

I am going to practice this. I am going to get a couple books on the Alexander technique. It seems related to good posture and other books I have read on back pain. However, it also seems different in holistic perspectives and similar to my own meditation techniques.

I have theorized that the tinnitus I am experiencing is like my nerves screaming. I am hearing my nerves firing or being stimulated.

I am a little skeptical that my recent experience with hearing the microwave is due to my brief practice of this. It may be more due to the ALA or homeopathic supplements.

My attitude though is I will cure myself so I will pursue this.

We will see.

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