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The nature of tinnitus

What is the nature of tinnitus? As a tinnitus guru I am building an understanding of what is the basis of the ringing. Is it a mechanical cause? Is it an electrical disturbance? Is it a manifestation from no external factor? Is it a chemical imbalance? The other question is what is the cure? Is… Read More »

Moment of silence. Not using hearing aids.

Today as I was running for the train carrying my backpack I noticed my ringing in my ears stopped momentarily a few times. This makes me believe that the stretching on my neck helps relieve the tinnitus sounds. I have not experienced this momentary lapses in ringing in a while. I also noticed that my… Read More »

Sudden silence

Sometimes my tinnitus just suddenly stops for a millisecond. I wonder if when it stops if I can hear anything or not whether all sound stopped or just the ringing. It is so brief I can’t tell. I bet many of you are reading this experience the same thing.

Where did this ringing come from?

From my research on tinnitus, I have not found anyone that has explained definitively what causes the ringing noise. There are many possible ideas but no certainty. Now, what is the cause for it starting from the first place. Again, mixed ideas. What I have read is it can be caused by Exposure to loud… Read More »