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May be working

I am noticing some difference in the ringing now that I am consistently taking 3 g per day. I have not noticed hearing improvement though. The ringing has not stopped but seems to be changing. Gets low in one ear etc. Not much else to say right now. I am going to stay in 3G… Read More »

Lower noise levels

This morning I woke up and my tinnitus was low. Hmmmm. This has happened before. What causes reduced stimulation in the brain where the tinnitus is occurring that may be contributing to the lower volume? Something is going on. No kidding? Yes no kidding.

Still noisy

Still noisy. But I think my general hearing had improved. I notice if I cover my ears I hear voices better. I think it is because it reduces the background noise.

I am onto something

I am onto something big. I am developing a technique of meditation that is I believe helping my tinnitus and overall hearing. I also take Taurine and continue with ALA and Gingko Biloba although I do not think pthe latter two are helping my tinnitus at this stage. I take ALA mainly for glucose management.… Read More »

Magnet therapy. No thanks

I have been reading about this magnet therapy. I found a recent article indicating it may not work. For me, I am not going down this path. Seems to random. I prefer to harness my own brain to stabilize itself vs jolts of magnetism to jar something loose.

Phantom noise? I doubt it.

If my tinnitus was some made up noise due to the lack of stimulating from hearing loss, I doubt the pattern and level of ringing I hear would vary. Also, I have to give more credit to my brain. It is not stupid. What I mean is the body knows when something does not make… Read More »

Phantom noise?

I have read theories that tinnitus is phantom noise.  The noise is theorized by some to come from the brain replacing frequencies of sound that cannot  be heard due to damage to the inner ear.  Comparisons used include people who have lost a limb and have phantom feelings or pain from the missing limbs. I… Read More »

Is this a nervous system issue?

Yesterday, the ringing was fairly noticeable.  After I my workout I noticed that the ringing seemed louder than usual.  It was not however distracting.  I focused on it a few times and as I went to bad I relaxed and focused on it as I lay down. This morning the ringing seemed to be much… Read More »

Am I hearing my nerves screaming?

I have my own theories of what is causing the ringing. When I listen to the ringing I noticed that it changes frequency and it’s not a constant noise. The more you listen to it the more it sounds like almost like electricity. What I notice when I meditate and focus on the noise sometimes… Read More »