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Acupuncture for tinnitus

Today I am trying to see if acupuncture will help my tinnitus. It is called auriculotherapy. Here you can see the beads applied to key points. I will cure myself. Update. I did not notice any effect from the acupuncture beads in my ear.

Update on tinnitus

It has been awhile since I updated on my progress. I continue to take taurine and astralagus. I have been focused on other things so I have not been consistently meditating on the tinnitus. I have started to wear my hearing aids at work as I have problems with the white noise. I seem to… Read More »

Phantom noise? I doubt it.

If my tinnitus was some made up noise due to the lack of stimulating from hearing loss, I doubt the pattern and level of ringing I hear would vary. Also, I have to give more credit to my brain. It is not stupid. What I mean is the body knows when something does not make… Read More »

Tinnitus meditation

I use meditation to help understand my tinnitus and relax. I am working on a program to help people meditate. I have read articles saying that meditation does not actually help cure the tinnitus. I cannot say I believe that. The type of meditation I practice is a very deep meditation. It takes endurance and… Read More »