Monthly Archives: February 2015

The nature of tinnitus

What is the nature of tinnitus? As a tinnitus guru I am building an understanding of what is the basis of the ringing.

Is it a mechanical cause? Is it an electrical disturbance? Is it a manifestation from no external factor? Is it a chemical imbalance?

The other question is what is the cure? Is it to address the underlying cause? Is it to address my bodies response? Is it to adapt?

What is the cause

I am studying the cause using different techniques. I meditate a lot and actually go deep into my tinnitus. It is not easy. I also shift my body, stretch, and just try to notice if any particular action causes the tinnitus to change. I also read about other people’s experiences.

Why study the cause? It may direct me to a cure. Or it may not.

Analogy; In the winter, my car windows frost up. The cause is the dropping temperature. I cannot control the weather. I can move my car and keep it warm in the garage.

What is the cure?

That is the question. There is an answer. We just do not know it. Maybe the cure lies in moving forward and seeking another way out. Another definition of normal.

Adapt. Ahh another option in itself. The temperature drops. We adapt.
We dress warmer. We use the new circumstance. We zone things out.

Cover up the symptoms. Use maskers.

I do not think the sound is a phantom sound as some call it. It seems to have a pattern of its own. It is a response to something not a response to nothing.

I will cure myself.

Gingko biloba

I restated Gingko Biloba today. 120 mg. I restarted to see if it will affect my glucose levels. Also i used to only take 80 mg and want to see if the higher dose has an effect.

I have not noticed an effect on the past on the ringing from Gingko Biloba.

Overall my ringing seems a little better. My goal is no ringing. The ringing is dynamic as I mentioned it was very very low a few days ago. This is an important observation in understanding the cause and the cure.

I will cure myself.

So quiet

I woke up this morning and the ringing was minimal in my left ear and almost absent in my right. As I took a shower I blocked my ears and I realized what silence sounded like.

Now the ringing seems to be gradually returning. More in the left than right.

Definitely two distinct sounds.

Interesting. I will cure myself.


I just at breakfast. The ringing is back but not too bad. The sound is more on the left. It seems like it is coming from my inner ear vs hearing one sound somewhere is my head.

The sound also undulates. Not a constant noise. I can hear a higher frequency noise and a very slightly staticy kind of noise. I can also feel a low level reverberation more on the right. Almost like hearing a car or something idling.

Stay tuned.